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The Tenants Who Evicted Their Landlord

New York Times Magazine - Matthew Desmond - 10/13/20

Minneapolis Tenants Take One Big Step Toward Creating a Cooperative and Buying Their Buildings

Sahan Journal - Sheila Regan - 5/20/20

Tenants win ownership of properties from negligent landlord who tried to evict them

Minnesota Reformer - Max Nesterak - 5/19/20

Embattled landlord Frenz sells the last of his Minneapolis buildings, giving control to tenants

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 5/18/2020


Landlord Frenz sentenced to jail time for lying on housing court documents

MPR News - Matt Septic - 12/20/2019

Minneapolis landlord Stephen Frenz sentenced to probation, 60 days in workhouse for perjury

KSTP News - 12/20/2019

Former Minneapolis landlord convicted of perjury sentenced to 60 days in workhouse

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 12/20/2019

Minneapolis landlord Stephen Frenz found guilty of perjury

Bring Me The News - Declan Desmond - 10/19/2019

Minneapolis landlord found guilty of perjury for lying about number of rentals in his building

Fox 9 News - 10/18/2019

Ex-Minneapolis landlord Frenz found guilty of perjury

MPR News - Brandt Williams -10/18/2019

Former Minneapolis landlord Stephen Frenz convicted of felony perjury

StarTribune - Chao Xiong -10/18/2019

Jurors deliberating in perjury trial of Minneapolis landlord Stephen Frenz

StarTribune - Chao Xiong -10/17/2019

Testimony begins in perjury trial of former Minneapolis landlord Stephen Frenz

StarTribune - Chao Xiong -10/16/2019

Disgraced Minneapolis landlord Stephen Frenz appears in court

Fox 9 News - 10/16/2019

Tenants of embattled Minneapolis landlord get temporary reprieve from eviction

StarTribune - Marissa Evans - 9/16/2019

With 100 people facing eviction, tenants rally in south Minneapolis

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 8/17/2019

As Frenz landlord controversy continues, tenants arrive home to find apartment demolished, belongings tossed

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 8/1/2019

Minneapolis tenants march on church that landlord attends, asking that he not evict them

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 7/14/2019

City will pay $25,000 to keep gas from being shut off to 5 buildings owned by embattled landlord

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 7/10/2019

Radio Doumentary: FAKE CHILDREN, REAL RENT: The Story of MN's Largest Tenant Class Action

You Eulogy - Matthew Schneeman - 6/28/2019

Minneapolis landlord rejects plea deal, perjury case to proceed to trial

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 6/27/2019

Tenants who fought Minneapolis landlord for years get a windfall

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 6/25/2019

Judge nixes some of landlord Stephen Frenz's requests for tenant information in perjury case

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 6/5/2019

I am fighting for the future my daughter deserves — and now I am facing eviction

Southside Pride - Vanessa del Campo Chacon - 5/6/2019

Tenants facing eviction disrupt Minneapolis City Council meeting

StarTribune - Miguel Ortega - 5/3/2019

Renters protest on lawn of Stephen Frenz after receiving eviction notices

KSTP News - 4/6/2019


Mpls. tenants hope to buy apartments to form co-op

MPR News - Martin Moylan - 4/5/19


Tenants in buildings owned by Minneapolis landlord band together to stop water cutoff

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 3/27/2019

Facing eviction, residents hope to buy buildings from notorious Minneapolis landlord

City Pages - Hannah Jones - 3/11/2019


Tenants trying to buy rental properties from controversial landlord now facing eviction

KSTP News - 3/8/2019


We are fighting for the future we deserve

Southside Pride - Vanessa Romero Del Campo - 3/4/2019


Minnesota Court of Appeals upholds revocation of rental licenses from embattled Minneapolis landlord

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 3/4/19


Minneapolis Landlord Stephen Frenz Hit with Perjury Charge

Amanda Ostuni - Twin Cities Business - 1/3/19


Minneapolis landlord Stephen Frenz charged with perjury

StarTribune - Miguel Otárola - 1/2/2019


Longtime Minneapolis landlord faces perjury charge

MPR News - Riham Feshir - 1/2/2019


Embattled Minneapolis landlord charged with perjury

Fox 9 - 1/2/2019


Freeman to 'aggressively prosecute' Twin Cities landlord charged with perjury

KSTP News - 1/2/2019


Press Conference Footage: Perjury charge filed against Minneapolis landlord

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman - 1/2/2019



Dozens of tenants could get reprieve after court overturns evictions sought by Minneapolis landlord

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 12/17/2018


Latest fight over controversial landlord’s Minneapolis properties puts spotlight on housing court  

MinnPost - Taryn Phaneuf - 11/28/2018


Controversial Minneapolis landlords to pay $18.5 million to settle tenants' class-action lawsuit  

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 10/12/2018


Minneapolis moves to deny rental licenses of landlords tied to Stephen Frenz  



Tenants vow to fight embattled landlord's effort to force them out of their apartments  



Inquilinxs Unidxs Por Justicia’s long fight for low-income renters   



Corcoran block party doubles as opportunity to rally around a new affordable-housing vision  



Minneapolis takes steps to avoid another Frenz-Zorbalas debacle in rental housing



Renters go on strike  

Southwest Journal - Michelle Bruch - 3/7/2018


Inquilinxs Unidxs: #IXRentStrike

Independent Video - Ryan Stopera - February 2018


Citing lies, judge OKs punitive damages in Minneapolis tenants' lawsuit  



Citing 'suspicious' sale of embattled landlord's properties, judge backs refusal of rental licenses

Randy Furst - Star Tribune - 2/7/2018


Attorneys of the Year: Tenant Remedies Action Legal Team

Dan Heilman - Minnesota Lawyer - 2/8/2018


A corporate lawyer in Minneapolis fights for low-income tenants

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 2/1/2018


Calling the sale of apartment houses 'suspicious,' a judge in Minneapolis won't dismiss tenants' lawsuit

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 1/5/2019


Ousted Minneapolis landlord wants court referee removed from case

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 1/3/2018




Tenants' attorney asked court to hold Minneapolis landlord in contempt

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 12/26/2018


Court referee puts five Minneapolis apartment buildings sold by landlord Frenz under administrator

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 12/20/2018


Minneapolis Votes to Revoke Landlord's Rental Licenses  

KSTP - Eyewitness 5 News - 12/8/2017


Minneapolis denies rental licenses for 16 apartment buildings

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 12/8/2017


Tenants call for change under controversial landlord

Fox 9 - 11/29/2017


City won't issue rental licenses for apartment buildings sold by Stephen Frenz

Mark Reilly - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal - 11/9/2017


How One Organization Is Standing Up for Tenants in Minneapolis

Cinnamon Janzer - Rewire News - 10/31/2017


City: Landlord Committed 'Unprecedented and Elaborate Fraud'

KSTP News - 10/22/2017


Minneapolis landlords unload apartments amid multiple lawsuits



Tenants Push Back Against Corporate Landlords During “Renter Week of Action“

Truthout - Candice Bernd - 9/23/2017


Apartment Tenants Take Grievances to Twin Cities Landlord's Front Door

KSTP News - 9/19/2017


Angry renters demonstrate outside landlord Stephen Frenz's home

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 9/19/2017


Landlord maintained control of Minneapolis apartment complexes after he was banned

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 9/18/2017

Embattled landlord files defiant affidavit in Minneapolis case

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 9/16/2017

Judge certifies class-action lawsuit against one of Minneapolis' biggest landlords

MPR News - Max Nesterak - 8/21/2017


Lawsuit against 2 Minneapolis landlords gains class-action status

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 8/15/2017


Minneapolis tenants seek over $1 million in sanctions against landlord

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 7/26/2017


Housing court orders Minneapolis landlord Stephen Frenz to return $27,813 to tenants

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 5/24/2017


Tenants rally outside Minneapolis landlord's office demanding rent freeze, repairs

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 5/2/2017

Controversial Minneapolis landlord held in contempt and ordered to jail

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 3/17/2017

Enough is Enough

MN Spokesman-Recorder - Editorial: Jennifer Arnold - 3/11/2017

Jail sentence delayed for Minneapolis landlord Stephen Frenz

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 3/11/2017

Court to landlord Stephen Frenz: Give up records or go to jail

Mark Reilly - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal - 3/20/2017


Some Minneapolis apartment buildings get a top rating despite code violations

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 3/9/2017


Minneapolis landlord hit with largest fine in housing court history

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 2/3/2017


$187,390 Sanction Against Minneapolis Landlord Largest Ever

Beth Dalbey - Patch - 2/3/2017




Minneapolis renters' group puts landlords on notice

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 12/28/2016


Minneapolis begins process to revoke landlord Stephen Frenz's rental licenses

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 11/4/2016

Renters collectively demand justice, equity from Minneapolis to St. Paul

Twin Cities Daily Planet - Cirien Saadeh - 10/10/2016


Accused slumlord Stephen Frenz says advocates, reporters conspired against him

CityPages - Susan Du - 9/21/2016


Revelation in renters’ lawsuit prompts city to act

Southwest Journal - Michelle Bruch - 9/20/2016


Minneapolis landlord Stephen Frenz deceived court, housing referee rules

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 9/14/2016


Stephen Frenz, notorious Minneapolis landlord, is about to face judgment

CityPages - Susan Du - 6/17/2016


Minneapolis renters build collective power despite retaliatory landlords

Twin Cites Daily Planet - Cristeta Boarini - 4/20/2016


Minneapolis landlord accused of inventing tenants for unoccupied apartments to dodge lawsuit

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 4/14/2016


In court, landlord Steve Frenz says Spiros Zorbalas is backer

Mark Reilly - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal - 4/9/2016

Some Minneapolis landlords rack up housing violations. Does yours?

StarTribune - Eric Roper - 4/8/2016

Big Minneapolis landlord's lawyers bail mid-trial

Mark Reilly - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal - 3/17/2016


Mpls. landlord accused of fraud in tenants' housing court trial

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 3/17/2016


Tenants take major Minneapolis landlord to trial

StarTribune - Randy Furst - 3/12/2016


South Minneapolis tenants protest unsanitary living conditions

Fox 9 News - Iris Perez - 10/6/2015



Minneapolis landlord with long history of troubled properties sells out  

Star Tribune - Randy Furst - 1/24/2013

After 2,000 violations, landlord sells properties

The Journal - Dylan Thomas - 1/24/2013


Frenz buys Minneapolis apartment portfolio from controversial investor Zorbalas

Sam Black - Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal - 1/23/2013



The Slumlord of South Minneapolis

Jonathan Kaminsky - City Pages - 1/30/2008

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