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Frenz Eviction Verdict - Victory Is On The Horizon!

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

I am so excited to say that, after a week of tense eviction trial, the jury returned with a verdict that will very likely lead to a victory for Chloe and her neighbors! Community members and renters returned to the Hennepin County courthouse this morning to wait for the jury’s verdict. Around 11am, the Jury finally concluded their deliberation, and was ready to give their verdict.

Anxiously, the group of supporters returned back to the 13th floor to hear the Jury’s decision. The results were a little confusing, but incredibly hopeful. According to Chloe’s legal team the Jury found that Frenz had to prove that the evictions were not retaliatory, and they didn’t believe that he had done that. The judge was about to issue a judgement in Chloe’s favor but Frenz’s lawyers claimed that the Jury filled out the form wrong. We will have to wait for the judge to finally confirm the ruling that Frenz’ actions were retaliation in about two weeks.

After some of the initial confusion was cleared up, the crowd of renters, community supporters and even Chloe’s lawyers broke out in cheering and chanting: "When we fight, We win!" I am so moved by witnessing the strength, resilience and unity of this community. Today’s verdict is not quite the final decision, but victory is on the horizon! What comes next in the case is that the Judge on the case will listen to both side’s legal arguments in regards to the Jury’s verdict form and then will make a judgement as to what her legal interpretation of the verdict is and what will happen next for Chloe’s eviction.

When I asked Chloe and Vanessa what they thought about the result they simply said: "We always knew that when we come together and unite as a community, we win! We will continue to fight for our homes and our neighbor’s homes." I want to thank everyone that came out to court this week, and helped ground this trial firmly in community power. Together, I believe that we will win!

We are not done yet! In two weeks the Frenz show how what his plan is with the other 30+ evictions they have kept hanging over families heads. Our support will still be needed until all of the families in the Sky Without Limits community have the stable housing that they deserve and have been fighting so hard for. Make sure that you sign up to receive text messages about critical ways that you can support the Sky Without Limits community in the future. Also sign the petition to receive email updates in the future about how you act in support of this community at:

--Angela Tona, Inquilinxs Unidxs Por Justicia Supporter

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